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OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator v2.1.2

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Fully compatible with OpenCart 2.0.x through 2.3.x!

» Now the 2nd best selling OpenCart plugin on CodeCanyon!

Quick Features

  • Eliminates most of OpenCart’s duplicate link mess, replacing duplicated links with consistent versions
  • 301 redirects duplicated links to correct versions
  • Probably the most important SEO improvement you can make
  • Easily change the URL scheme in the site admin
  • vqMod easy installation—no core files overwritten, nothing to modify
  • Works with OpenCart 1.5.x AND OpenCart 2.0.x – 2.3.x

What is SEO Link De-deduplicator?

The biggest problem OpenCart sites face is the duplicate/thin pages penalties caused by its default link scheme. By default, every page on the site can be accessed by a multitude of links. OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator ends the duplicate link madness by standardizing one proper link for each page, and 301 redirecting all of the “ghost” versions to the proper link. Boost your SEO efforts in just minutes!

How It Works

As an example, let’s say you’re running a default OpenCart installation on You’re selling Blue Widgets. The regular URL to the Blue Widgets product page would be:

However, you’ll soon find this product can be accessed from many, many different URLs, for example:

Category pages:
Secondary category pages:
Manufacturer pages:
Non-seo URL:
Partially-seo manufacturer URL:
Partially-seo category URL:
Complete gibberish URL:
and thousands more! 

Ugh. You can try the above examples on your own store and you’ll see it illustrated. The problem with having many duplicate pages is that Google will index many of these dubious URLs, making your site appear to have thin and duplicate content, which dilutes your pagerank and hurts your ranking in searches.

The Solution

OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator works in two ways:
1) It will change all of your links site-wide to a single canonical version. Each time a product is linked on your site, it will be linked to the same URL.

2) Permanently (301) redirect all the duplicate links to the correct canonical link so you don’t have to worry about losing any Pagerank or “link juice”

This plugin will also redirect variations of the site’s home page:

and your category pages:

and your information pages:

Do away with duplicate/thin content penalties once and for all with this easy plugin!

What real users are saying about OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator

“I started using your mod on 3/22 and [got a large increase in traffic]. Great product man, this has really helped my business. Your link De-duplicator really works.” -J

”...great code, great feature, very helpful script for every OC webmaster who care about in-site SEO” -N

“This is an amazing plugin … I highly recommend this plugin to anyone using OpenCart to increase their SEO efforts.” -F

“Very fast to reply to any questions. Great little mod!” -C

” like a breeze” -M

“Excellent plugin, should be a core feature of Opencart” -O

“I love you man, this module saved me a lot of time. Great work.” -K

“Product works as described and the customer service is VERY responsive and helpful.” -J

Update Versionn 2.1.2

  • Fixed a rare homepage duplication issue on some sites
  • Updated compatibility with latest Brainyfilter releases

Free Download OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator v2.1.2

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