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Advertising Platform v1.5.3

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Are you searching for Advertising Platform v1.5.3  free or pro? Let's see this! because We share about this Product at, this is latest versions now.

With this Advertising Platform Script you can create your own Advertising Platform. Create Campaigns Create Ads Add money using paypal and more…

As an owner you can decide :

  • Allow Both user types : Advertiser / Publisher and create an advertising platform
  • Allow only Advertisers and became a big Publisher
  • Allow only Publishers, and, be one of the biggest Advertisers!

Publisher Features :

  • Create Channels
  • Create Ads
  • Track Views / Clicks
  • Make Money by adding the code into their websites
  • and more…

1. Setting up your MySQL and FTP server

This script requires PHP 5 and MySQL.

Now, first thing you want to do, is to make sure you create a MySQL database along with an user for it (IMPORTANT NOTE: Copy somewhere your mysql username, and password, as you will need them later), and setup your FTP server for the domain where the script will be installed.

So your requirements are:

  • A) A MySQL database + MySQL user
  • B) Domain name + FTP server.

2. Upload process

  1. The first step is to upload the content inside the folder "public_html" (IMPORTANT NOTE: Upload what's inside the folder public_html, not the script folder) into your public_html folder or into your default FTP root folder.

  2. Once this is doned, go to and download HIGHCHARTS!
    I'm not allowed to sell this script with "Highcharts" inside, but you can download it and upload to :

    1./templates/default/assets/plugins/highcharts ( be sure that highcharts.js is located at : /templates/default/assets/plugins/highcharts/js/highcharts.js )

    2. /templates/admin/assets/plugins/highcharts ( be sure that highcharts.js is located at : /templates/admin/assets/plugins/highcharts/js/highcharts.js )

  3. The second thing is to import the mysql file named "ad_platform.sql" from the "MySQL" folder.

3. Installation process

Now, after you uploaded everything, you can start the installation process.

Changes inside Script

  1. With a text editor (e.g.: Notepad), open the following file located inside the 'public_html' folder: config.php.
    Now, search for the following lines and replace with your own information:

    Database Connection

      [line 22] define('DB_HOSTNAME', 'localhost'); - > if you are using a hosting that have an external database server, enter the database server url
      [line 23] define('DB_USERNAME', 'DB USERNAME'); - > enter your mysql username
      [line 24] define('DB_PASSWORD', 'DB PASSWORD'); - > enter your mysql username password
      [line 25] define('DB_DATABASE', 'DB NAME'); - > enter your mysql database name

    save and exit.

Admin Panel

[default password is: demo and e-mail : [email protected] ])

or You can Buy Product at: Demo Product Platform

Free Download Advertising Platform v1.5.3

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